Launch a financial blog

5 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Get Bullish on Blogging

Have you launched a blog yet? If so, are you consistently filling it up with high quality content that can help the members of your target markets get smarter, solve a problem, or achieve more?

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Build your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Harming Your Reputation?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Even if you think you don’t, you probably did set one up at one time or another.
If you’ve never taken the time to develop and complete your LinkedIn profile, you could be damaging your reputation without even realizing it!
Here’s what you may NOT know about your LinkedIn profile…

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What’s the True Value of a Financial Advisor

[VIDEO] Have you seen the H&R Block television commercial entitled “Get Your Billion Back, America”?

This is an absolutely brilliant campaign for the positioning of the value of advice, and one that we should learn from as an industry.

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financial advisor website traffic

Why Quality Web Traffic Matters More Than Quantity

Are you focused on the quantity of website traffic you receive and often disappointed by the numbers? Are you worried that low website or blog traffic is a poor indicator of performance? There is more behind those traffic numbers than you might think. Read this post from guest blogger Miranda Marquit to learn why quality matters when it comes to online traffic.

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financial advisor positioning versus prospecting

Positioning as a Bonafide Digital Marketing Strategy

When I speak with financial advisors about building and growing their online presence, it’s almost always expected that “we digital marketers” can work magic and make the phone start ringing with hot leads. Listen. I KNOW what you want. I really do. I know you want pre-qualified ideal clients to beg you to work with […]

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Social media launch 2014

4 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Presence in 2014

Are you lagging behind in your social media presence? Are you worried that it takes too much time or that you may not know which activities to focus on when participating in social networking?

You are not alone.

Social media is fragmented, somewhat complex, sophisticated, and constantly changing.

There is so much information out there about how to do social media that it’s hard to know who to trust.

The best advice I can give you is that random tactics don’t work with social media. Rather, you need a plan, a strategy, and a framework that you can work within to create your own formula for success. What works for you is going to be unique to you, ultimately!

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