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10 Costly Mistakes Advisors Make on Twitter

Perhaps you have set up a profile on Twitter and you are fairly active on this social network, but you mostly have tried to learn the ropes publicly. There are common mistakes that newer Twitter users make that can impede success in building a following and driving traffic to your website.

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Using Social Media and Events from Wired Advisor

How to Leverage Social Media Hashtags at Financial Conferences

As live events go more “social”, analyzing the social stream and even participating in the conversation becomes an opportunity to grow your visibility, make new connections, and glean valuable insights.

The key in making social media participation useful for you lies in how you handle engagement. As industry-focused conferences such as Morningstar® Investment Conference, Technology Tools for Today (T3), FPA, NAPFA and others embrace social media, engagement becomes a measurable commodity.

If you plan to attend a live event or conference, consider your goals to take away from the event:

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How to Drive More Twitter Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

I believe that Twitter can be better integrated with a WordPress blog than any other social media network. I say this from experience: Twitter is the second-highest single referrer of traffic to my blog, behind only Google.

Twitter is my favorite social media network — not only because it allows you to easily build a following and interact with just about anyone in the blogosphere, but also because it can be so easily utilized to drive traffic to your site. If you do not yet have a Twitter profile that is active, read this post to learn more about how to build a following on Twitter.

The end goal of social media engagement and marketing is to ultimately drive traffic back to your blog. On your blog is where you have the best opportunity for a prospective client to get to know, like, and trust you. In addition, if a visitor to your site decides to “opt-in” to your email list, you have the ability to further cultivate the relationship through email, phone, or potentially face-to-face contact.

In this post I want to focus on the 4 strategies to employ for driving Twitter traffic to your site.

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How to Build a Twitter Following and Interact with Potential Clients

How Financial Advisors Can Build a Relevant Twitter Following

You’ve heard it countless times — social media offers great opportunities to interact with and potentially find new clients. However, you may not not have seen those claims in action yet. Perhaps this isn’t happening for you…yet.

With that in mind, in this post I want to focus on how you can give your Twitter account a sharp boost. I’m talking about quick and tangible results that can give you the impetus to drive your social media strategy forward with a renewed vigor. Like anything worth doing it will take some work, but the potential upside is great.

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How to Build an Awesome Twitter Profile

Twitter is the social network for real time content sharing and conversation. By building an active and influential presence on Twitter, you can build a significant community of personal and professional contacts. However, in order to build online influence through Twitter, you need to make sure that you have a great profile! This is your best chance to make a 1st impression with fellow Twitter users and beyond.

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Twitter for financial advisors

4 Ways to Use Twitter for Business Intelligence

How financial advisors can use Twitter for business intelligence.

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