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Social media launch 2014

4 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Presence in 2014

Are you lagging behind in your social media presence? Are you worried that it takes too much time or that you may not know which activities to focus on when participating in social networking? You are not alone. Social media is fragmented, somewhat complex, sophisticated, and constantly changing. There is so much information out there […]

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what works in social media (for financial advisors)

What Works in Social Media (for Financial Advisors)

What works in social media (for financial advisors) is simple in theory, but more difficult in practice. The reason it’s more difficult in practice is that to achieve meaningful business outcomes, social media requires a steep (but mostly short-term) learning curve on your part and a long-term commitment from you. Said another way, it’s an […]

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Golf and social media

How Social Media Resembles the Game of Golf

Are you a golfer? Or what I should say is, do you attempt to play golf? I’ve tried to hit that little white ball around for years. I remember in the early days of my first few rounds feeling completely clueless about everything from which club to use, how to hold the club, what a […]

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ROI in Social Media for Financial Advisors

Achieving a Return on Social Media

As financial advisors, most of us have been conditioned to think in terms of quantifiable returns. We manage to, measure, and report portfolio performance to clients. Ultimately though what we really do as financial advisors is help guide our clients. We help them make smart decisions about their money when times are tough and we […]

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Source: Carl Richards, <a href="">The Behavior Gap</a>

How to Help Your Clients Rise Above the Noise

In the digital age, it’s critical to help your clients and prospects rise above the noise and view you as the primary resource to follow. Here are 3 ways you can create a better experience for clients and prospects.

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Social Media for Financial Advisors

2 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Social Media

Social media is not just some fly by night fad. It’s the biggest shift in our society since the printing press. The individual is now the media programmer. We all have access to new media tools in order to publish and share our own thought leadership content, not just the major media outlets and not […]

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social media strategy

The Key to a Successful and Sustainable Social Media Strategy

Social media profiles are not the strategy, they are part of the foundation. Building a professional and consistent foundation across the social web is critical to shaping your online reputation. However, it’s only the beginning. The most important driver of social media strategy is something you may not have considered.

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Wired Advisor: Develop a strong social media marketing theme

The Power of Developing a Social Media Marketing Theme

Creating a marketing theme is part branding and part positioning. I’m a big believer in the power of developing a unique marketing theme because it can help you stand out in a crowded industry where there is a tremendous amount of competition. Create a marketing theme that is consistent with who you are, what you […]

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Differentiate yourself online

5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself Online

If you want to gain a competitive advantage online, you need to paint a picture for the people you will be connecting and engaging with. The picture that you paint should provide an in-depth view of who you are, who you help, and why you are different. Your fee structure, business platform, and service model […]

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Social Media Landing Pad

The Importance of a Social Media Landing Pad

These days there are plenty of financial advisors and business professionals who are participating in social media in some way, shape, or form for business purposes. Although there are 4 Major Social Networking Activities that we believe you should be focusing on, here are 2 activities that you must engage in to build your influence […]

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Simple Social Media for Financial Advisors and Business Professionals

Three Simple Rules for Social Media Participation

Social media can seem overwhelming because of all of the platforms, networks, tools, and rules, but it really doesn’t have to be. Remember that social media simply takes the timeless concept of “networking” to a new dimension; a virtual dimension. Over time as you become more comfortable with this new form of networking, you will […]

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The Hype in Social media for financial advisors

Is Social Media for Financial Advisors Just a Bunch of Hype?

There is no single magic formula for success in social media. What are you uniquely qualified to talk about and how can you help others? What mediums are you comfortable with (writing, audio, video)? Do you enjoy teaching and coaching others? Who are you trying to reach? Have you defined your target niche markets? How […]

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Integrated online marketing system for financial advisors

The Truth About Social Media and Online Marketing in Financial Services

There is much debate on the subject of whether or not social media will have an impact on the bottom line. Financial advisors are asking “will social media bring us new clients”???

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Wired Advisor Digital Marketing Portfolio.001

Markets are Down, How Should Your Marketing Efforts Go Up?

The markets are down, how are your marketing efforts going to go up and match the experiences and expectations of your clients and prospects?

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Three Elements to Successful Social Media Adoption: Time, Inclination and Knowledge

In my former life as a Financial Advisor, I was often challenged to defend why an investor would need the guidance of an advisor given that many of the tools and information available on-line have made it easier for investors to do it on their own. I would typically agree that the tools have made […]

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What Defines Social Media Success?

Financial advisors care about return on investment for their client portfolios. It’s a very important component for measuring success and if you’re able to achieve consistent returns for your clients over time that accomplish their financial goals, you’ve done well. Return on investment for marketing is quite a different story. It’s more difficult to measure […]

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The New 3 P’s of Differentiation

In the business of financial services, differentiation is one of the biggest challenges that financial advisors face.  In the age of social media, this challenge is going to become even more difficult. The Classic P’s: Product, Price, and Performance 1)PRICE It’s common knowledge, at least I hope it is, that financial advisors cannot differentiate their […]

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