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Diversify your blog traffic

3 Ways to Diversify and Increase Your Blog Traffic

Diversification. It’s such a critical practice when it comes to investing and managing money. Diversification is also key when it comes to driving and increasing traffic to your blog. You’re not going to get all of your gains from a single source. Here are 3 ways to diversify and increase your blog traffic.

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7 Non-SEO tips to rank well in Google

7 Tips for Winning Favor with Google

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is so intriguing isn’t it? It’s this idea that you can outsmart an algorithm and consistently outperform a moving target.

The concept behind SEO is not much different than the concept behind trying to consistently beat the S&P. Most people (and professionals) can’t do it.

Your chances of standing out with Google don’t have much to do with SEO anymore. Short-term SEO strategies designed to game Google are becoming a thing of the past. In fact, you risk stiff penalties if you do attempt to game the system. It’s just not worth it. If you’re slapped by Google, your site sits in the penalty box until you can get out of it, and that could be costly.

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Search Engine Optimization: Your 5 Step Onsite Optimization Checklist

Search Engine Optimization: Your 5 Step Onsite Optimization Checklist

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can seem like a dark art. It just looks and sounds so complicated.

But I have some good news – it isn’t. At least, it doesn’t have to be. As a small business, you are not likely to have a huge marketing budget, and you can spend a lot of money on SEO without getting very far. But in reality, you can achieve good results without a significant investment.

Arguably the most important part of SEO is onsite optimization. Having all of the sites in the world pointing at yours will not be much help if the search engines aren’t ranking you for relevant keywords. Onsite optimization is all about making it easy for search engines to figure out who will benefit from seeing your content.

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Attract quality traffic to your blog

Four Tips for Optimizing Your Online Presence

In order to have any opportunity to get found by your target markets online, you must optimize your online presence. Search engine optimization is a very broad concept in and of itself, and it’s one that creates a lot of confusion. I’m going to give you 4 tips that work for optimizing your online presence. […]

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Jeff Rose, retirement planning for business owners

Get Found By Your Niche Markets with Google’s Social Search

Well, it’s official.  Google announced last week that they will be incorporating “social” into mainstream search results, placing more emphasis on the social connections that you have in addition to serving up relevant content pages. Translation: most likely, no two people will get the same results when they search, and they’ll also find results from […]

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