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Build your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Harming Your Reputation?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Even if you think you don’t, you probably did set one up at one time or another. If you’ve never taken the time to develop and complete your LinkedIn profile, you could be damaging your reputation without even realizing it! Here’s what you may NOT know about your LinkedIn […]

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How to use LinkedIn mentions strategically

Build a Powerful LinkedIn Strategy with These 3 Steps

LinkedIn is a powerful online resource for financial advisors. With over 225 million members who are active, engaged, and affluent, creating an influential presence on LinkedIn can help you take your business to the next level. To tap into the business benefits of LinkedIn, you first need to make an investment in your presence that […]

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Share trending articles with your LinkedIn followers

How to Use “LinkedIn Today” to Build Online Influence

Want to find high quality, relevant content to share with your connections? Grow your influence with “LinkedIn Today”! As LinkedIn describes it, LinkedIn Today allows you to discover what the world’s professionals are reading, sharing AND tweeting. Bottom line, it’s a professional social news source that you can utilize to grow your social influence.

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Personalize your LinkedIn Group Comments

5 Ways to Build Influence in LinkedIn Groups

Too many people are using LinkedIn Groups to market their own businesses outright. Here are 5 steps for building influence in LinkedIn Groups!

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Groups I've Joined

5 Simple Steps for Improving Your LinkedIn Visibility

This article first appeared in Social Media Examiner where Stephanie Sammons regularly contributes articles about marketing your business on LinkedIn. Are you wondering how to get the most from LinkedIn? Over the last few months, the LinkedIn network has made upgrades and undergone changes. If you already have a profile created on LinkedIn, it’s a great […]

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Connect Your Connections to Build LinkedIn Influence

How to Build Social Influence on LinkedIn

If you truly want to build social influence with your connections and become more valuable to them, dedicating time to strategically connecting others can elevate your “social” status.

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financial advisors and linkedin ipo

The Irony of the LinkedIn IPO and Financial Advisors

It was an exciting day as the very first professional social network went public and climbed to astronomical levels upon its debut as the largest IPO since Google! I’m sure you were watching from your offices as I was from mine, because we love this stuff. I’ll never forget the Google IPO back in 2004 […]

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How to Properly Promote Your Blog Using LinkedIn Groups

Caution: If you use the “share” button from a status update to post to LinkedIn Groups, it will automatically go into the “Discussions” section in all the groups that you post it to. What’s the problem with this? If you lack creativity in generating discussion around your post, you could be setting yourself up for […]

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New LinkedIn Group Features-A Major Opportunity to Build Influence!

New LinkedIn Group Features-A Major Opportunity to Build Influence!

If you haven’t read about the new changes to LinkedIn Groups, you can read the official post and watch the video on the LinkedIn Blog.  The new features are going to make participation in groups much more worth your while as they will increase your opportunity to gain visibility and build new connections in your target […]

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