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A Simple 3 Part Framework for Developing a Modern Digital Presence

Creating a modern digital presence and building online influence to win clients is a process. It’s not something you have to tackle overnight but it is something to be working toward in your business. Your modern digital presence is going to define your reputation, help you achieve and maintain relevance, and help you to build client and prospect relationships in today’s wired world. Do you have a digital strategy, structure, and system in place for growing your business?

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The value of owned media

Why Your Digital Hub is Much More Valuable Than a Social Network

With the rapid pace of change and lack of control over your presence in social networks, make sure you don’t build your house on sand! Create a digital hub that you own and control first “owned media” and then focus on the social “earned media” opportunities to drive visibility and traffic to your hub.

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financial advisor positioning versus prospecting

Positioning as a Bonafide Digital Marketing Strategy

When I speak with financial advisors about building and growing their online presence, it’s almost always expected that “we digital marketers” can work magic and make the phone start ringing with hot leads. Listen. I KNOW what you want. I really do. I know you want pre-qualified ideal clients to beg you to work with […]

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Choosing the right digital tools for your financial website

How to Choose the Right Online Marketing Tools for Your Practice

Do you have the shiny new tools syndrome when it comes to digital and online marketing tools?

I have to admit, I’m kind of a digital tools collector myself given my background in music software and my work in digital marketing over the last 4 years. I spend a lot of time researching, testing, and evaluating digital tools before I make the decision to incorporate them into my foundational platform and online marketing process. Thankfully though, I do have the foundation and process in place. This helps to simplify and streamline my purchasing decisions.

Are you guilty of signing up for digital tools that are half-configured or hardly utilized while having no real digital marketing process in place?

Prioritizing tools over process leads to a chaotic mess to manage. More importantly, it can lead to lackluster results.

Here is the simple math: You are going to get a better ROI on your online marketing efforts when you’re not spending a fortune on online marketing tools. (lower costs mean greater potential profit)

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7-step process for financial advisors to build an online presence

A 7-Step Process for Expanding Your Online Presence

Have you started building and growing your online presence beyond a basic website? If you’re like most advisors, you probably haven’t begun to move into content development, social media, and content marketing yet.

Maybe you’re worried about compliance (or restricted by your firm’s rules), or perhaps you just aren’t sure how to begin. New digital tools, social networks, and mobile devices are drastically and rapidly changing the way we live and work. All that change can be overwhelming, and it’s moving at the speed of light! Where on earth do you start?

Positioning yourself as the expert and reaching clients and prospective clients in the places where they spend time today is becoming increasingly important for enhancing your credibility, reputation, professional relevance, and referral power.

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Baby Boomers using social media

How and Why to Reach Baby Boomers Online [Research]

It’s no secret that the Baby Boomer generation today is controlling most of the wealth. Eventually that wealth will pass to the next generation. In the meantime, are you ignoring the opportunity to reach Baby Boomers online in favor of catering to Millennials? Or, are you delaying building your digital reach beyond a basic website because the majority of your clients are Baby Boomers?

If so, you may be making a huge mistake. The facts are that Baby Boomers are online, they are using social media, and they are tech savvy. They have the time on their hands to find you online and they have the money to fit your ideal client profile.

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Wired Advisor Top Posts 2012

Top 7 Financial Advisor Digital Marketing Posts of 2012

We are passionate about and committed to helping financial advisors build better client-driven practices in the age of social media. In doing so, we’ve pulled our top thought leadership posts for 2012 for your review as chosen by our followers. Enjoy, and make 2013 a great year for growing your business!

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