More Asset Managers and Financial Institutions Should Be Launching Blogs

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Putnam Investments Advisor Tech Tips Blog

Today Putnam Investments announced a new blog for financial advisors:  Advisor Tech Tips

Advisor Tech Tips is aimed at helping financial advisors become more proficient with mobile technology, software, and social media. Much of the content appears to be video-based and is being delivered by the firm’s Regional Marketing Directors (Wholesalers).

It also appears that the primary call-to-action on the blog is to join the Putnam LinkedIn Group. (Not only is it critical to have a relevant call-to-action for building community on your blog, it’s also important to tell your visitors what you want them to do next! )

The Advisor Tech Tips Blog is an excellent example of how asset managers can create, leverage, re-purpose, and share the extensive educational and insightful content that they have access to. There is a significant lack of online resources available to financial advisors today, and most of the content available is buried under layers of ads.

Putnam also involves real people who work for the firm (out in the field) as contributors to the blog. This brings a very human and personal element to the content, and perhaps even a little “star” power to these individuals who personally serve financial advisors in their respective territories!

Asset managers and financial institutions today have an incredible opportunity to enhance credibility and strengthen advisor relationships through publishing high quality content. Blogging enables for seamless delivery to mobile devices, mobile applications, social channels, and even email through a single, powerful, RSS feed. (Consequently it’s also significantly less expensive than printing all of those color brochures and materials)

Kudos to Putnam Investments on getting this right!

Whether you are a financial advisor, asset manager, financial institution, or a vendor who serves advisors, you can benefit greatly from publishing your own thought leadership content through blogging while building a loyal community through integrated social media channels.

To subscribe to the Advisor Tech Tips Blog CLICK HERE.

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  1. SAGE SA December 4, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    I truly believe every professional and organization seeking to be influential in any field needs to start blogging… today! It opens up a world of opportunity.

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