Latest Blog Research Has Important Implications for Advisors

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Technorati is the leading authority on blogging and influence

Technorati Media is a leading authority on digital influence and social media with a reach of over 130 million unique monthly visitors. Recently, Technorati Media published their 2013 Digital Influence Report. The findings regarding the power of blogging were significant for financial advisors and business professionals.

If you’re a financial advisor and you’re not blogging, you may want to consider launching one. Blogging is the most superior form of digital marketing for building influence. Influence leads to growth in traffic, connections, relationships, and sales. Simply put, building influence through blogging builds business.

The Majority of Online Influencers are Bloggers

Let’s look at another reason as to why it’s important for financial advisors to blog. According to the Technorati Digital Influence Report, 86% of influencers blog. You may think of yourself as being influential, but if you’re not blogging in the digital age, you’re likely not going to be influencing anyone online.

It doesn’t matter how active you are on social networks if you’re not connecting people to something…like your unique, editorial content.

financial advisors should be blogging to build influence

Influential financial advisors are and will be bloggers

Currently, less than 20% of financial advisors are blogging, but that number is going to grow as more firms open up to it from a regulatory perspective, and as more advisors realize that they need to be self-publishing to attract and retain clients in the digital age.

Blogs Have Significant Influence Over Consumer Purchases

The Technorati research report for 2013 also indicated that blogs have significant influence on consumer purchasing decisions. Blogs rank #3 behind retail and brand sites. What this means is that YOU can build your own brand through your blog. Your blog can be a credible resource for leading consumers to make better financial and wealth management decisions. More importantly, you can compete with the media giants!

Text-based Blogging Still Dominates

Although other forms of media such as publishing images and videos on your blog are gaining ground, text-based blogging is still the number one choice of influencers who blog. Video blogging and Podcasting are also becoming a more popular mediums for creating and publishing content to your blog, but nowhere near the popularity of using text.

text based blogging still dominates

Do You Want to Be an Influencer Online?

If you have no desire to be an influencer online, then perhaps blogging isn’t a good fit for you. Most of the financial advisors I know, however, pride themselves on influencing others. They lead their clients through good and bad times through their communications. As more and more of your clients and target audience are spending time online researching and learning, doesn’t it make sense for you to be there providing your insights as well? If you’re not, they are going to get their information from your competitors.

Think of blogging as a new platform for your communications and insights that can be widely dispersed across the web and social networks, rather than locked within the walls of your office.

Blogging isn’t difficult, especially when you leverage a powerful and flexible platform like WordPress. WordPress is the leading platform of choice for bloggers, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Proprietary software systems just can’t keep up with an open source platform where thousands of developers build new features and improve it each and every year. Want to create your online masterpiece? Make no mistake about it,  WordPress is the best self-publishing tool for financial advisors.

Blogging simply takes some time and discipline. It’s not anymore difficult than that. The benefits of blogging over time can create opportunities for your business if you make the commitment to build the asset.

If you want to become an influencer in a wired world, you’re going to have to blog. The sooner you start, the better.

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