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Should You Choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

It is undisputed that WordPress is the most powerful, flexible, and popular open-source Content Management System on the market today. It’s a “best in class” digital resource, and this is why we utilize WordPress as the foundation for building financial blogs for our clients.

If you’re considering launching a financial blog or website using WordPress, it pays to understand the differences between the versions of the software that are offered; WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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Canned Content

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Canned Content

Content is king ~ Bill Gates

You may have seen the above quote before. It is in fact the title of an article written by Gates way back in 1996, when the Internet was in its relative youth. You have to hand it to Gates for recognizing so early on how important content would be for what was at the time a new and unfamiliar medium.

But what does it mean to you? Well, if you’re reading this then you’ve probably already bought into the idea that consistently publishing online content to your blog can be leveraged to attract new clients. As such, content can be king — providing a healthy return on your investment by driving prospective clients to your website.

And that’s where the usage of canned content comes into focus. It seems too good to be true — you purchase a package of content (often referred to as ‘PLR content’) specific to your industry that can be used for blogging, social media, and email marketing. But is it really the panacea that the content’s providers would have you believe? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages.

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How to Utilize an Editorial Process to Make Content Creation Dramatically Easier

One of the greatest challenges you face as a small business looking to attract leads online is content creation. If you’re reading this then you’re probably already sold on the power of content marketing. You understand that you can attract more leads online by creating excellent content and marketing it appropriately. But the act of […]

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How to Drive More Twitter Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

I believe that Twitter can be better integrated with a WordPress blog than any other social media network. I say this from experience: Twitter is the second-highest single referrer of traffic to my blog, behind only Google.

Twitter is my favorite social media network — not only because it allows you to easily build a following and interact with just about anyone in the blogosphere, but also because it can be so easily utilized to drive traffic to your site. If you do not yet have a Twitter profile that is active, read this post to learn more about how to build a following on Twitter.

The end goal of social media engagement and marketing is to ultimately drive traffic back to your blog. On your blog is where you have the best opportunity for a prospective client to get to know, like, and trust you. In addition, if a visitor to your site decides to “opt-in” to your email list, you have the ability to further cultivate the relationship through email, phone, or potentially face-to-face contact.

In this post I want to focus on the 4 strategies to employ for driving Twitter traffic to your site.

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How to Build a Twitter Following and Interact with Potential Clients

How Financial Advisors Can Build a Relevant Twitter Following

You’ve heard it countless times — social media offers great opportunities to interact with and potentially find new clients. However, you may not not have seen those claims in action yet. Perhaps this isn’t happening for you…yet.

With that in mind, in this post I want to focus on how you can give your Twitter account a sharp boost. I’m talking about quick and tangible results that can give you the impetus to drive your social media strategy forward with a renewed vigor. Like anything worth doing it will take some work, but the potential upside is great.

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10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Use WordPress

WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system for financial advisors and financial firms to publish their thought leadership insights and get found by their target markets. In this post I’ll cover 7 reasons why WordPress is indeed your best option.

First, if you encounter a web design or development company that relies on a proprietary (closed) website platform or system, that is the exact point you should turn and walk away. When it comes to building a scalable and functional online content management system that will benefit your bottom line, nothing beats the open source, flexible, and powerful WordPress platform.

Building your professional content management system on WordPress will provide you with an immediate advantage over competitors who use proprietary content management systems.

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How to Create Irresistible Content for Your Ideal Customers

How to Create Irresistible Content for Your Ideal Clients

Do you write with a belief that your words have the potential to convert leads into clients? And more importantly, do you write with the deliberate intent of doing exactly that? The purpose with which you write your blog posts can make all the difference to your blog’s potential for success.

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10 Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

10 Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

If you are thinking about launching a blog, or if you’ve been blogging for awhile, understanding how to effectively promote your blog can be very important to your success.

Blogs are digital assets that acquire value over time. If your goal is to attract and cultivate leads from your target markets with your blog, you must first focus on growing your visibility; or attracting blog traffic.

If you’re not blogging and you are relying on a static website to grow your online visibility, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business over time.

If you want your blog to be successful and sustainable for the long run, you will need to focus on two key principles:

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Search Engine Optimization: Your 5 Step Onsite Optimization Checklist

Search Engine Optimization: Your 5 Step Onsite Optimization Checklist

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can seem like a dark art. It just looks and sounds so complicated.

But I have some good news – it isn’t. At least, it doesn’t have to be. As a small business, you are not likely to have a huge marketing budget, and you can spend a lot of money on SEO without getting very far. But in reality, you can achieve good results without a significant investment.

Arguably the most important part of SEO is onsite optimization. Having all of the sites in the world pointing at yours will not be much help if the search engines aren’t ranking you for relevant keywords. Onsite optimization is all about making it easy for search engines to figure out who will benefit from seeing your content.

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The 4 Image Sourcing Resources You Need for Your Blog

The 4 Image Sourcing Resources You Need for Your Blog

Writing blog posts is one thing – bringing them to life with relevant and interesting images is something else altogether.

If you are new to the blogging world (or even if you are not), trying to find images for your blog posts can be a painful process. One easy (but expensive option) is to use a stock image website such as iStock Photo. But if you knew that there were millions of completely free images within your grasp, why would you ever choose to do so?

With that in mind, today I want to introduce you to the four completely free services I use to find images for blog posts.

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