5 Tips for Creating a Successful Content Marketing Program

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Creating a successful content marketing programCreating a content marketing program is critical to establishing yourself as a thought leader in the digital age. Showcasing your unique insights and beliefs on your blog and social media channels is what positions YOU as a leader, and as the go-to authority.

Before you can really be effective with leveraging social media, you need to first develop your content marketing platform, plan and strategy. Your content marketing program should serve as the foundation of your digital marketing efforts.

If you neglect to showcase and publish your own beliefs, opinions, and insights, it is nearly impossible to build a trusted and loyal following in social media. Building online influence through your content will breed business success.

5 Tips for creating a successful marketing program

#1)Focus on a niche market

It is so much easier to come up with content ideas for publishing that resonate with a specific target market than trying to simply address every potential consumer who needs financial planning and investment management assistance. To be a successful content marketer in the age of social media, you need to first define the audience you want to attract. Once you define your market, you will have an abundance of ideas to build your content library with.

#2)Learn how to blog

There is no excuse today for not publishing your thought leadership online through blogging. A blog is much more powerful than the simple word suggests. A professional blog is the foundation for any successful digital marketing platform. It houses all of your thought leadership content in one place that you own (you don’t own your space on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

A professional blog also serves as a very effective social media landing pad that can help you attract and cultivate leads for your business. So often I click on links in social networks that are being shared by financial advisors only to wind up on an impersonal landing page. Where are you driving your followers? A blog will allow you to cultivate leads for your business.

Blogging is not difficult or expensive. If you fear blogging because it seems daunting or time consuming, these hurdles are easy to overcome with some planning, training, and organization.

Without publishing your own content through blogging, you have no digital marketing plan. You will not be the visible expert in your target markets. Not having a blog today is the equivalent of not having a website over the last decade.

#3)Use your own voice

It is certainly possible to outsource content creation, but it is not nearly as effective to do so. If you outsource your content, your content will lack personality and emotion. These are the things that draw people to you and make them want to follow you. I’m also not a big believer in outsourcing your social media marketing activities. By doing so, you miss so many valuable opportunities to connect and cultivate relationships.

Your voice is what makes the difference. Managing a digital marketing program for content publishing and social media participation can be done in as little as 5 hours a week. It doesn’t have to be a time suck if you plan accordingly.

If you must outsource your content, you should still take responsibility for developing your value messages personally. From there you could perhaps have a partner or team member prep your content and optimize it for publishing and sharing.

Already many financial advisors are borrowing content from canned sources in order to save time, but this will hurt you in the long run. Can you imagine having an audience of hundreds at your seminar and not delivering the message yourself? If you want to earn the credibility and respect, you need to be the one developing and delivering the message.

Get the technical and marketing guidance necessary to produce your own content, but absolutely have it be your voice.

#4)Organize your content

You already have the content you need.

You have your own beliefs about how your clients can be successful investors and achieve their financial goals and dreams don’t you? You also have your own ideas about how your clients should deal with the opportunities and challenges that they face today when it comes to their financial lives. Your clients and prospects are most likely asking questions that pertain to their concerns and fears as well.

You simply just need to organize your thoughts and develop a plan for what you will publish, when you will publish, and in what format will you publish your content. Having a plan and organizing your content library is the key to building a sustainable content marketing program.

As you start publishing your content, blog analytics can point you to what content is resonating with your target audience. You can gather intelligent insights that can guide your content strategy.

#5)Just do it

As the familiar saying from Nike goes, just do it. Don’t get stuck on trying to be perfect. This will prevent you from ever getting started and it will also trip you up along the way. You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be as committed and consistent as possible.

Have the confidence to put yourself out there in a public setting. Without publishing your content to a blog, you will never even have the chance to build an audience and expand your reach. In the age of social media, you need to publish and share your thought leadership if you want to get in front of your target audience, stay top of mind, and grow your business!

Your thoughts?

What is keeping your from developing a content marketing program for your practice? What are your fears or hesitations? Leave your comments below.

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