Twitter for Financial Advisors

10 Costly Mistakes Advisors Make on Twitter

Perhaps you have set up a profile on Twitter and you are fairly active on this social network, but you mostly have tried to learn the ropes publicly. There are common mistakes that newer Twitter users make that can impede success in building a following and driving traffic to your website.

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Wired Advisor is media partner for FinCon14

Wired Advisor Joins FinCon 2014 as Media Partner

Wired Advisor will be joining FinCon this year as a media partner! FinCon is the conference where money and media meet. The 2014 conference takes place in New Orleans from September 18-20th.

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Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs and Bloggers

The Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs and Bloggers

It’s exciting to finally see visibility rising for financial advisors who are engaged in blogging. Michael Kitces, publisher of the “Nerd’s Eye View” Blog has ranked the top 50 financial advisor blogs and bloggers. He’s also shared his ranking criteria.

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The Benefits of Going Niche Online

As a financial advisor, it’s no longer safe to be a generalist in the digital age. Specific people are looking for specific answers, help, and guidance online. If they can’t identify you as the obvious, trusted resource to guide them through their unique financial journey, they’ll look for a specialist who can.

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Using Social Media and Events from Wired Advisor

How to Leverage Social Media Hashtags at Financial Conferences

As live events go more “social”, analyzing the social stream and even participating in the conversation becomes an opportunity to grow your visibility, make new connections, and glean valuable insights.

The key in making social media participation useful for you lies in how you handle engagement. As industry-focused conferences such as Morningstar® Investment Conference, Technology Tools for Today (T3), FPA, NAPFA and others embrace social media, engagement becomes a measurable commodity.

If you plan to attend a live event or conference, consider your goals to take away from the event:

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Financial advisors getting found through Google searches

5 Tips for Staying on Google’s Good Side

Many financial professionals have been misled when it comes to being found on Google. High cost SEO strategies just aren’t paying off. Financial firms who have artificially worked their way up to “page one” of Google search results are either not there today, or won’t be there for long.

This is to be expected. Google has come a long way in identifying the trickery of the SEO industry and squashing any potential advantage gained. If you exploit a Google loophole by leveraging SEO tactics, expect that it will catch up with you significantly harming your digital reputation and discoverability.

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